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Welcome to Engum's Academy

of Taekwondo

Celebrating Over 29 Years As The Premier Full Service Martial Arts School
In The Brainerd Area!
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We strive to provide traditional effective self defense  training.


Training that teaches not only the body but more importantly the mind and the spirit.  

Engum's Martial Arts Student

The Martial Arts training provided at Engum's Academy focuses on mental and physical training enhancing the  body, mind, and spirit to overcome all obstacles.


The training is hard but the benefits are limitless.

Martial Arts training at Engum's Academy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your child!

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Our Taekwondo program will prepare your child for success in school and life! 


Our classes will increase self-confidence, concentration, and self-control as well as other important traits such as courtesy, perseverance, and respect.

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